Ashley Harry Haine

Elephants in a Castle

Hand drawn architectural illustrations with a twist

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About Ashley Harry Haine

Inspired by rococo, renaissance and Georgian architecture, Ashley Harry Haine is a self-taught illustrator. His artworks are drawn completely freehand using just a pencil and fine-line pen - no rulers involved!

Every image is created from imagination or memory, and each tells a story:  Chimneys, turrets and gargoyles adorn classical buildings inspired by European castles and palaces.  With a nod to the hedonistic 1920's; musicians, artists and aristocrats mix and mingle.  Pigs, cats and even elephants are dressed in waistcoats, glass in hand and ready to party. 

UK born, and now living in Australia, Ashley began exhibiting his work in 2015, and his work has been showcased in exhibitions as far afield as Tokyo, Australia and London.  Private commissions include bespoke illustrations for commercial public spaces, boardrooms and private residences around the world.

Ashley's style is pure escapism and we're delighted to offer his work as wallcoverings, window film, printed onto acoustic panels, and finally as acrylic art.

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