Sarah Arnett

Sun Valley

Colourful, eclectic designs inspired by travels and adventure

All designs by Sarah Arnett (8)

About Sarah Arnett


A childhood in Zimbabwe and travels to India and Morocco are the inspiration behind Sarah Arnett's designs. The landscapes explored, colours and light, the leaves and trees form the background for many designs. And having trained as a weaver, she also embraces the patterns, pigments and yarns used in locally woven fabrics, blankets and rugs.
There's a myriad details to explore in each design. Hand-drawn leaves and birds are merged with Sarah's own photography. Wood is painted by hand. Suns and moons are embellished with gold leaf.  
Each design is a reflection of the cultures and craftsmanship found.  
All Sarah Arnett designs are available as wallcovering, window graphics, or can be printed onto Zintra acoustic panels.  All designs can be repeated to fill longer walls.  Colours can be adjusted.  Sun Valley, Atlas Moon and New Moons can be further adapated, by repositioning suns/moons, resizing or removing as needed. 
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