Lee Fieldman

Botanist Neutral

Still life inspired prints. Perfect as wallcoverings, window graphics or acoustic panels

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About Lee Fieldman

Lee Fieldman honed her skills in Italy.  Her love of fine art has influenced these painterly floral prints.  By merging layers and print techniques, Lee creates the stunning illustrative and painterly effects that define her style. Lee's designs are digitally printed, and all are available as wallcoverings, acoustic panels or window graphics.  All designs are available as wallcovering (from smooth through to canvas, stone and burnished metalli surfaces too), window film, acrylic artwork and can be printed onto our Zintra acoustic panels.  We can enlarge/shrink and repeat these patterns horizontally to fit any space.  Turn round is fast and there's no minimum order.

See Data Downloads for further information. Watch our video to see how Digital wallcovering is made and installed.